Rendering and Mesh Issues

Hi! I’m trying to create a fly-threw video of a scene and I’ve got 2 problems: First, the doors and the camera glow whenever I take them into the scene. I didn’t put any emissive element to them! Why are they doing this?! I want to see the textures but that annoying glow is in the way! Second, when I try to render the scene, it comes out completely blacked out and only the sky is shown. I tried everything but nothing works! How can I fix this?

You need to work with light a bit. Most likely it will fix both issues or at least dark picture.
Add some lights to your scene ie directional light from the top to your house. Don’t forget to build lightning!

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I’m so sorry that you are having issues with your scene. I moved your post from Animation to Rendering so that you could possibly get the targeted assistance you are asking for. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Good luck on your project! Please post a link in our forum to your fly through once everything is working great for you! Have an amazing weekend!

Do you have any other lights in your scene? Some context would help… It looks like you have an Backdrop BP in your scene without any other lights? This could explain the crazy behaviour you’re experiencing (eye adaption etc…) … kinda points to the light Setup… Are you using a Post process volume or are u doing any exposure adjustments at all?

Cheers P.

Ah, overlooked this one, exactly, do a light Setup, try to drop in a Directional light, Set it to “movable” (dynamic light, that you don’t “need to build”)… maybe a Sky atmosphere+“Sky light” Set to movable aswell… (Dont forget to set ur directional light to use sky lighting in that case)… Here’s a good starter guide for simple and proper Environment lighting → Sky Atmosphere | Unreal Engine Documentation