Rendering an Optimization based on player direction

Hi. I read something about Horizon: Zero Dawn a while back how they got such great performance by not rendering anything that wasn’t in the viewport. I’m trying to figure a way to get the best level of performance (like everyone else).

I have an idea and wanted to know the feasibility or find a way to achieve this same style of rendering in an online game. Would it be possible to set a boolean to every mesh and actor in the game named ‘IsVisible’. Then set code it in a way that if the mesh isn’t in the viewport, IsVisible can be false and the corresponding variable can change the mesh’s visibility to false. This wouldn’t be replicated and thus would only affect player specific view ports. Would this have any affect on the game as a whole regarding the other player’s experiences? And would this even boost performance? Thank you!


This is already done automatically in UE4: