Rendering a Velocity Map


I am working on some game cinematics where we are rendering are main passes in UE4 and then adding FX in Post. We need to add motion blur in Post, which means we need to render out a Motion Vector Map and Depth Map from UE4. We can render the Depth map but there are no options to render a Motion vector map, I know it can generates one internally for motion blur. Anyone know a way of outputting this map?



No, this feature was requested lots of times by people who are using UE4 to render cinematics, but every thread (including mine) became dead after like a day. This needs attention.

I spotted this ‘Projection matrix based motion blur support for scene captures for post move motion blur support in Composure’ in UE 4.17 release notes. This might let us generate and export motion vectors?? Anyone know??

Did anyone manage to render a velocity map?