Rendering A Spherical Panorama

Is there a way to render a spherical panorama?

Not directly as hardware rasterizers tend to only do rectilinear projections.

However the usual method to get a spherical panorama would be to render a cubemap and then using an image editor that supports panoramic projections to combine the cubemap’s faces into a single panorama. This is probably also what unreal does internally with the spherical reflection capture actors.

Thanks. My hope is to take an existing complex Unreal scene and capture a camera as a panorama. Perhaps with the capture cube actor. Then take that texture and wrap it on a sphere or cube in another level within Unreal. The thought is that I can get a low-end immersive presentation that I can then build to a mobile device. Essentially, a node based point and click panorama.

In that case it’s even easier: just use the cubemap directly. Most other spherical projections are less space efficient or have severe pinching at the poles which you have to carefully handle.

@Arnage Hi and sorry, I am novice of UE and of the forum. I am also interested in render a panorama on a spherical projection, but render to a cube map, as Arnage says, will be good…
Do you can provide some link to learn how to do??

Thank you
All the best

The best place to start is the documentation, specifically here:

Without more detail on what you want to achieve and where you are encountering problems it’s kind of hard to help more specifically.