Rendering a movie from commandline quits without progress

I’ve been attempting to generate a movie from my level sequence to no avail.

Using an almost completely empty project, with only a simple asset imported to have something to recognize in my render, I have built a level sequence and can render it fine within the editor.

When I attempt to use the Automated Level Sequence Capture, as described in the documentation my game opens, the camera and assets snap to the first frame of the level sequence, and then the editor closes without running the sequence or saving any movie.

There is no output at all to the shell to indicate what might be wrong. I have tried several permutations of arguments, attempting to reduce them down to only the bare minimum, to see anything render, but cannot get even the simplest result to save.

Any example of someone successfully rendering frames or movie files from the commandline would help me a ton.

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Same brother, I can feel your pain

Same…Starting the game/editor from Commandline works fine, but trying to Render it afterward seems to be not working. Using the automated.level sequence via Python works as well too - so if anyone has an answer to make it work from the command line - that would be great. :smiley:

Hi, I just ran into this same problem. I believe the issue is Unreal creates a separate thread for rendering processes. If your code does anything other than kick off a render the terminal registers the first command (your setup) as the process it’s monitoring and terminates as soon as the rendering process begins. My solution was to add a second command line call with subprocess to the end of the setup code. It works as expected : ) Here’s the specific doc I used regarding setting up the second command line arg.

same issue here, but thankfully found a fix for my use case…