rendering a forest movie scene crash problems

Hi guys,

Let my first start by saying I’m new to ue4. Have some minor experience with unity and a lot with Blender.
I want to make a short art movie with a forest scene, I bought the Mawi Broadleaf forest and did some testing.
I built a short scene but whenever I want to render out the movie it crashes after a random number (between 12 and lets say 400)

I’m working on a laptop:
gtx 1060 6 gb
16 gb ram
i7 6700hq
Windows 10

Sometimes it gets the complete shot (about 5000 frames) but it skips about 80% so it renders 1000 frames but over the complete timeline.

What I was wondering, is their a way to not render it real time. So UE4 can take the time to ‘load’ each frame.
And what if that not is the problem, could it just be that the scene is to heavy?
It doesn’t seem to have a problem when I work on it, but like I said: new to ue4 so don’t know if that is a good guidline.

Any help would be great and if more info is needed let me know!!
Thx and kind regards,


small update:
So i’ve managed to set the texture streaming pool to 2500. This seems to be more stable.
And in the render settings disabled enable texture streaming. Not sure of that makes any sense.

The movie now renders more stable but still skippes about 4/5 frames when saving the images…

Also started saving the images on a small sd card insteeds of my c disk. This also seems to make it more stable.

Again a small update:

So I wanted a real slow camera movement in this forest. set in sequence to 24 frames. This gave the result of 4/5 frames rendered. So I set it to 120 frames and in the render settings to 200 now it looks more or less like the 24 frames. Don’t think this is the way to do it but if it works it works :wink:

So still UE$ is crashing… I can render more frames so some of it must have done something.
If anyone has any idea or tips that would be great :wink: