Rendering a character so they're always visible?

Is it possible in Unreal Engine 4 to make it so that when a character jumps through a platform like in the screenshot below, that the character remains visible at all times and not obscured by the platform?

You see technique used in a lot of classic-style platformer games as demonstrated [here][2] ( Around the 2:08 mark in case the time stamp in the link doesn’t work), and I was wondering if could be done in Unreal Engine.

I know something very similar to can be done as shown in [][3] tutorial, but the tutorial in the link only shows objects being rendered as a silhouette whereas I want the entire character to be visible.

I hope that what I’m asking for isn’t too unreasonable and I would greatly appreciate any input into matter.

Thanks in advance!

Can anyone help with ?

Surely there must be a way of making work? I’ve seen effect done in various 3D sidescrolling platformers such as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze & the example in the link I posted and unless I’m mistaken I’m pretty sure I’ve it done in Yoshi’s Crafted World which runs on Unreal Engine 4. I’ve tried looking elsewhere but I haven’t been able to find anything, not helped out by the fact that I don’t know what the proper terminology I should be using to conduct my search.

couple options

  1. disable the depth test in the mannequins materials. that will make it render over everything. can make the platform translucent and use a custom depth mask to control opacity. so it will become transparent anytime the mannequin is behind it, but will only effect the platform specifically.

the tutorial you linked has that kind of mask in it. he called it a draw mask.

so the difference is your using the mask as a surface material on the platform, and there’s a scenedepth node for surface materials. He’s using a scenetexture: scenedepth node which i’m not sure will work. the blend mode for the platform must be translucent, the masked blend mode won’t work.

the mannequin needs to render a custom depth pass. and will only work if the manny’s material is opaque or masked which it generally is anyway.

Thanks a lot for ! I’ll give it a shot and hopefully it will work.