Render Unlit or depth video

Hi, I would like to output unlit or depth videos as shown in the view mode in cinematic viewport. I recorded a shot in a sequencer and clicked render video option. But every time it outputs the same video with light no matter what I choose in view mode.

Can any one help me with it? How to export exactly what I see in cinematic viewport (e.g. unlit, depth mode)

Great Thanks!

Can anyone help me?

View modes are only limited to the viewport of the editor. So to get the passes that you want - you need to create a postprocess material and use the node SceneTexture: Base Color - Unlit (keep in mind that any CC changes that you have made in the pp volume will be applied to this pass, so better turn off those for the Unlit ) and SceneTexture: SceneDepth - zdepth.

Good luck with your project!