Render to infinity

Is there an easy way to render an object to infinity (putting something way off in the distance so that its dimensions cant really be made out) like a mountain.

I’ve got a room that has a view of a mountainous vista in the distance but even a few metres into the room as soon as you get closer to the edge perspective has an effect and makes it look closer than I want it to be.

Additionally, I’ve tried moving the object as far back out of the world sphere indicated in the orthagonal views but it doesn’t make much of a difference?

If you put an object far back enough, maybe 100000 units it should fix the problem


I don’t think that’ll work, the only way to effectively remove parallax is to render as a background image using the skysphere

Just give it a try and see how it goes, you might be surprised. I’ve done the same here Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace Item: Old Village - YouTube and it works pretty well

Although the level you’ve created is nodoubt awesome, your fix doesn’t work!

How about adding a skydome ? UE4_Create a simple skydome by HDRI and 2d map - YouTube

Yes, thats what I said a couple of messages ago lol

I have to say although I appreciate the help, please use English language tutorials as that’s indecipherable

That said I’ve tried using a skysphere and in order for it to work it would have to be scaled to a massive size like 10+ now when I try to do this the skysphere can’t be rendered.

Is there a way to render the background to infinity?

As I’ve not had a workable answer yet