Render to infinity?

Is there an easy way to render an object to infinity (putting something way off in the distance so that its dimensions cant really be made out) like a mountain.

I’ve got a room that has a view of a mountainous vista in the distance but even a few metres into the room as soon as you get closer to the edge perspective has an effect and makes it look closer than I want it to be.

Additionally, I’ve tried moving the object as far back out of the world sphere indicated in the orthagonal views but it doesn’t make much of a difference?

I’d just make it part of the skybox.

The world sphere? Are you talking about the sky dome starter content? You can just scale that up too and move the mountains off the grid if need be.

How do you do that, is it straight forward?

In the orthagonal view when you zoom out the green sphere thing, if I move the mountains beyond that they disappear

The effect I’m trying to achieve is that the mountains don’t move in your visual field, particularly moving sideways

Is using a hdri image an option?

does anyone know of a good mountainous image?

How about adding a script to the Sky sphere so it moves its position along with the player/the players camera, so it’ll always stay the same relative to the player.

not sure if that’s the easiest option

What if you make your sky material translucent or additive or something similar? I don’t have UE access atm so I can’t remember exactly which it was but I think that’s what I did a while ago when I needed certain very distant things to be visible outside of my skybox (planets, huge motherships etc).

How do i do this?

…That’s just a static mesh you can scale up. Just increase the scale on that so it doesn’t clip with the mountains. You’re overthinking this problem way too much.

I’m probably explaining this badly, what I need is to stop the mountain from scaling up or down when the user gets closer to it, so it always looks the same size.

So you can’t see more or less of it depending on your position.