Render Thin Hair

Hi there.

Recently I’ve been wondering how to fix this issue.
It’s about the unshaved face of my character.
I’m not trying to achieved the incredible quality of uncharted.

But at least I want the hair to be sharp and subtle, blend in with the face and stay put somehow as we distance ourselves from the characters face.

In maya the alphas at least are rendered sharp. But in unreal…
Right now it just looks broken and messy. What am I doing wrong?






Why dont you just use some planes and then some translucent masks over it? Kinda like most people make grass :slight_smile:
That would also enable you do use something like simple grass wind for a bit of movement on it.

Hi there! Thx for answering. How would the set up look like?

The beard is all made up of cards with masks.

At the moment the translucent masks display a correct alpha but sadly they are receiving light totally different. I might just have the wrong set up as well.



Epic has its own hack for this, they just made a material that’s alpha tested then turns off/on a checkerboard screenspace pattern of the hair each frame. Combined with temporal AA this apparently gives you a solid thin hair/wire AA. I’m pretty sure (pretty sure) that it’s somewhere in this stream:

In Uncharted/The Last of Us the facial hair is much thicker than normal hairs. But I think more you need to just practice your skills because it’s a big challenge to try and achieve that quality

As I said. I’m far from achieving that quality. Neither is it my goal right now to go that authentic way. I just need the character to have a half unshaved/ half beardy look to his face. But as far as I see in Paragon those hair stripes are geometry, without an alpha.
And darthviper107 you’re right the hair is much thicker in those games. Still look at that incredible arm hair in Uncharted 4. How the hell did they render it so clean?! :smiley:

Maybe you can try to Unckeck the Responsive AA in the translucent parameters ?

Some of the hair is actually in the skin texture map, in Paragon the hair is mostly hair cards with a few individual hairs added in.