Render texture in blueprint has default lighting, can i disable?

Using an actor to bake out icons. The blue print view port has some kinda default lighting going on that makes the render brighter then it will be when the game does it at run time. Is there a way to use only lights in the actor in order to get an accurate preview. Side note, the mesh and lights in the actor are using their own lighting channel , so what ever the default light is its active on all lighting channels

I think the render preview has an Unlit option

I need the lighting to be on, I dont need the default skylight thats enabled or what ever it is. I want the viewport to be dark like an empty level. The point is to see the affect of the lights that are in the blue print and no others

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You can use the channel checkbox on/off, disable channel 0, (Select Actor >Go to Details > Lighting > Lighting Channels), This should resolve the unwanted light exposure in Blueprint.

Already using lighting channels so the world lighting doesnt affect my icons. what ever that default BP light is is active on all channels