Render target outputting wrong colours

So I have a SceneCapture2d, it captures to a render target, the contents of which look normal:

Then I add a blendable to the player camera which outputs the contents of the render target to the screen with no modification, but it ends up looking like this:

If I move that blendable’s Blendable Location to before the tonemapper, it then outputs the correct colours, however this will cause effects like filtering and motion blur to get applied after my blendable, which will destroy the effect I’m trying to achieve.

I’ve tried every setting for the Scene Capture’s Capture Source to no avail, and changing the render target to HDR or LDR makes no difference.

I just want to scene capture the screen’s final LDR colours post-tonemapping/blur/etc., operate on those, then output them to the screen with no further modification. How do I achieve that?

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Woop just found this old post: Matching color in render texture that is the result of a SceneCapture2D with original scene render - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Setting target gamma to 2.2 did the trick!

Tried setting target gamma to 2.2 and switching to LDR, the color is still off.
If using LDR there’s no render.