Render Target Material Stutters. Video and pics included.

So to be as quick as possible I want to have my character hold a pad (a mesh) that has a material on it’s screen (that displays a UMG in real time) and that UMG widget (should have a real time view from a 2D capture object).

So in effect, a real time security footage showing on the pad.

I’m so close to this implementation.…

It works I have a 2D capture Camera that creates a render target. I use this to create a material.



I use this new mat and put it onto an image component in a UMG.


I then create a new material with a parameter.


Finally using a 3D widget component, with my UMG in the widget class field, I pull out it’s render target and set that as the parameter in the material and have that material applied as the material for my pad meshs screen to use.


And as noted, this is the result:…

As you can see it’s about what I want. It’s WIP so nothing fancy and it doesn’t look perfect. There’s an issue where the screen is too dim or too bright that I need to address but more disturbingly as you can just see in the video, the screen UI doesn’t update all the time. Look closely when the red/orange cryo door opens up. In the real scene that door slides up normally. On the screen however it stutters twice. I can’t understand this at all. So my material stops updating in real time. Another thing to note. If my player walks a bit away from the doors and the 2D capture camera that ‘camera’ feed seems to freeze entirely. This also seems to occur randomly though as noted in the video.

Need any help I can get with this thanks!

EDIT: also some teach me how to upload images directly into my threads. I can’t see to manage it for some reason.

EDIT: Changed name of thread for hopefully more clarity.

Interesting thing I just realised. If my character stays still (I can look around) at the start of the level (there’s about 6 seconds before this code runs) then the material fails to assign the render target to it’s parameter as though nothing happened. But if I move my character forwards by the time the 6 seconds are up the material does find the render target and applies it to the parameter. This has to do something with my issue.