Render splines in game

I’d like to render some of the splines during game for debug purposes.

I am using show splines console command but it shows all the splines. How can set the flag to show the splines with debug draw on while in game?

This requires to set the Game show flag for Splines. I know where is the Editor one, but where can control the in-game flags?

Well, yes. You disable the above flag on the splines you do not want to see and then Show Splines. There’s little else.

Apart from that, you can write your own script that draws debug points / lines on the splines, for example.

Essentially, this seems to work OK if you need it dynamic run-time:


Image from Gyazo

Or am I utterly misunderstanding what you’re after?

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This should work for individual instances.


I need it in-game, not in the editor

This is in game. PIE.

Image from Gyazo