Render saturation is slightly different from viewport (resolved)


Comparing final still render with camera view, in viewport, I noted that render image has a different value of saturation. Slightely , but has a difference. Anyone know why this is happening?

The viewport is mostly to give you an idea of what the final product will look like once you render out your final pixels and should never be seen as 100% representative. With that said, let’s look into some things that may be making it noticeably different to at least tone the difference down.

  • First, different output file types will all look slightly different from each other (PNG, EXR, JPG, etc.)

  • Second, check the “gaming mode” in the viewport, that can change things and while you’re there, see if auto exposure is turned on there. That’s a bit culprit.

There are basically a thousand little things that can add up to noticeable changes in a final render when compared to the viewport so it’s just a matter of scouring around for the right checkbox.

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@Taliare , thank you for your explanation.

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