Render resolution above 8K

Hi guys,
I was wondering whether there is any solution to render a video sequence (not single stills) that has a higher resolution than 8K (7680 x 4320 pixels). Especially the width is relevant for me. Preferred resolution would be something like 11.500 x 2400px. One possibility would be to render the same scene two times with a different camera angle and then stitch those two together afterwards. But I have doubts that the rendered output at the cut will perfectly match together…

Thanks for sharing your experiences

It wouldn’t match if you tried to render multiple views, there’s camera effects that would be processed on the individual view that would make it different.

I think though the limit may be based on what graphics cards can handle, so it’s possibly something that can’t be changed.

Hey, I’m searching for an answer for this as well. Is there a way to change it inside the code? I need to render for a massive screen wall at 8400 x 1080.

4.22 added Rendering to Multiple Displays with nDisplay, see if that will work for you.

did you solved?
I’m stuck as you trying to push sequencer render above 7850
but seems that we can’t have a straightforward solution :frowning:

do you think we can set 2x output displays and then render one at time and then merge the results
in a single video?