Render Out Videos Instead Of Screenshots

I have managed to use DUMPVIDEO command as command-line option to render out screenshots at fixed frame rate. But I was wondering whether I could directly capture video instead of screenshots and having to convert them later on.

Hello MinProgramming,

The way I usually set up and render out a movie is through Matinee. The short and simple answer would be to set up a series of shots using a ‘Director Group’ and alternate between different cameras or a single controlled camera. Once you have your flythrough/cinematic, there is a button at the top right corner of the ‘Matinee’ editor called ‘Movie.’

Here is an example of how I set up a simple level flythrough with the approach I mentioned.

Scene Camera Tracks

The yellow dots you see is the track along which the camera will move, set up by different keyframes within my ‘CinematicFly’ camera group.

Matinee Set Up

My director group is what will be rendered so I make sure my Director cuts to my camera group at the beginning of the cinematic.

Movie Rendering Options


Matinee Actor Settings


Be sure to check the box that says ‘Play on Level Load’ so when you render out your movie through Matinee, it will cut straight to your cinematic.

Hopefully this is what you are asking, but if you still have questions let me know!


I actually wanted a way besides from using matinee, like using DUMPVIDEO command in command-line and output as movie files instead of sequenced images. But I assume this is not achievable?

Hey MinProgramming,

No worries. I found the commands for what you are looking for on the Unreal Documentation site.

Dump Movie Commands
The page where I pulled this information from can be found in the link below. It also has a lot of other useful commands for various options.

Command Line Arguments

Hope this helped, but if you are still having questions let me know.

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