Render only silhouette of mesh

Hello, i was wondering how could one render a dynamic mesh where it shows only it’s silhouette/borders/edges? something like this


you can see the mesh has only it’s borders with no fill, how could i achieve that?.
I need to achieve this for mobile and only basic polygonal meshes ( no more than 6 sides )

PS: I’m using 4.7.2

This would be called wireframe rendering. Unfortunately, you can’t just take a regular mesh in UE4 and render it in wireframe to achieve the result you want – it will look like this:

Instead, you’ll have to do something else. The easiest (but not truly wireframe) method would be to create a texture with a white border around the edges, and transparent in the middle. Another but more difficult way would be load custom point data into UE4 and then render connected lines between the points. You’ll have to write some code for that.

Oh, I should add one more thing: if you don’t need to render it in the scene with proper sorting, you could just draw a wireframe cube using the HUD canvas drawing primitives, either in Blueprint or C++. You’ll have to draw it yourself (there’s no cube drawing helper) but it’s not that hard.

Thank you, i guess i’ll go for the texture method as the domain of my project doesn’t require it to be that complicated, can you post this as an answer so i can close the question?