render movie with use rtx

Hello everybody! When the camera changes, or the object rotates on the stage, then for some time the noise is very strongly visible! I suppose that RTX calculates the lighting … is it possible to somehow wait for the image to be rendered while the RTX is miscalculating?

maybe there is some other solution?

“Delay every frame” does not help with noise in the video …

Enable Visualize > Out of Bounds Pixels under Show button in the viewport. It shows whether part of an object is outside of its bounding box, thereby not rendering fully / correctly with the lighting. It’s one of the more common causes of noise / flickering / stuttering / etc. Here’s a link to the page about it:

It may also be a resolution mismatch in the object’s static mesh editor settings for lightmap UVs. Link:

Lightmap Generation Settings#lightmapgenerationsettings

If the Min Lightmap Resolution is higher than the object’s actual lightmap resolution or Overridden lightmap resolution (in its details panel), then it can create problems.

Thank you very much, I will try to do so!