Render Movie Settings - Understanding "Warm Up Frame Count" Behavior


For a little background info, we are currently trying to make an animated short using Neoglyphic’s Neofur system, and it takes a few frames for the fur to settle into position at the very beginning of our renders. We’d like to render a short animation with the fur already settled on frame 0.

I’m trying to understand "Warm Up Frame Count"s behavior in the Sequencer’s Render Movie Settings.

Basically, I have an animation playing on a character that starts at the beginning on frame 0. If I leave “Warm Up Frame Count” at 0 and render out 100 frames, I see the animation play from the beginning, which is expected. However, when I set “Warm Up Frame Count” to 24 frames, and then press play, I don’t see the first second of the animation. I still get my 100 frames, but I don’t see the animation starting from the beginning. Instead, on frame 0, I see that the animation start has already been playing for 24 frames.

If I leave Warm Up Frame Count at 0, I see the fur settling. If I set it to 24 frames, I don’t see the fur settling, but I also don’t see 24 frames of my animation.

Is this a bug or is “Warm Up Frame Count” supposed to work this way? It just seems like it cuts away however many frames you specify and starts your renders from that point on. I guess I expected the warm up period to be BEFORE any of the animations start playing, but it seems like it’s AFTER.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thanks in advance,

Hi VincentLo, did you find something? I’m also looking for answer to this question.