Render movie output does not have lights lighting up objects in the scene

When I render out the movie or image sequence in the level sequencer, the output finished render basically has no lights.
My scene has three spotlights and non of them affects the scene, even if I crank up the intensity values. Although in viewport they all are fine and scene is exposed nicely.
I have turned off all the auto-exposure settings as well, to get more realistic result.
[viewport and piloting the camera][1]
[render output][2]
[1]: Screenshot - 06ef1b037883ffd097fc09a70c443329 - Gyazo
[2]: Screenshot - f74439e5f8ec9d2479d5b89c197e826b - Gyazo

Hi did you ever solve this? I’m having the same issue with movable lights, static lights render even without building them but movable do not.

Hi did you solve this issue ?

Ah I don’t remember, this was also probably back in UE4 also. Sorry