Render many images of asset(s)


I’m trying to use the SDK released for a game to try to generate thumbnails / screenshots of a set of vehicles included within the game.
After i did one by hand, i realized this is a lot of effort and will take an extremely lot of time.

I figured there has to be a way to automate this. Is there some kind of API i can leverage to make this any quicker for me?

All suggestions welcome, its entirely possible I’m going about this the wrong way… if i am, please let me know!


look at render targets. build a blueprint to capture one and have a definable mesh you can modify. there is also a market-solution i believe.

Ryan Laley has a great vid on how to set up a render-target if you need basics: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Equipment - Part 1 3D Mesh Widget - YouTube. I believe the second one shows you how to change the item (basically adding/exposing a static-mesh-var).