Render looks bad, multiple problems

Hey, I am doing Archiviz in UE4 and having problems with it, among which the largest is the one I really could not find an answer to: an image that I get from the sequencer looks bad in a way that is hard to describe, it just looks like it is in way lower resolution then it should be - edges of some elements are sort of thorn and unclear, sometimes almost invisible. Grass looks weird too, especially in the distance To throw away obvious answers - my scalability is on cinematic, image output in sequencer is 4k

Basically ue4 is the worst engine i ever used, my renders for games are ■■■■ aswell, glad this engine is free because it’s not worth a penny and idk how people can use a unstable engine like this that always crashes freezes and messes up my pc space after installing it to a specific drive. Renders in unreal are bad as far as i know there is nothing much you can do probably since i don’t find anwsers either.