Render images inside UE

Hello guys,
I created some scenes for my game inside UE and i wanted to render some images on it (loading screen, game cover and etc). I tried to use the screenshots but i wanted the images in a different render style. It’s possible?

I could export the scenes to a program like 3Ds MAX but the problem is i created my materials inside Unreal, so i have to re-create them in another program if i want to do that :///

It’s possible to render images inside UE using a rendering program like Octane, Iray or any other?

Thanks for the help.

Try dropping a Post-Process Volume around your scene/camera. It has plenty of settings you can tweak to achieve a stylized look to your scene. Camera actors have additional options as well.

You can also bring up the console with the tilde key and type in HighResShot followed by a number that indicates how many times you want to multiply your viewport resolution. So for example, if you input HighResShot 2 it will save out a screenshot at twice your active resolution (screenshots are saved in your Project folder under Saved\Screenshots\Windows).


Thanks! I will do these settings then :slight_smile: