Render game world as points/particles

Hello! I am looking for a way to render a complete game world in some kind of particle/point cloud style. No polygons, no lines, only points floating in space. I found this video which looks quite similar to the visuals I’m aiming for (although I want my points/particles to be colored):

So far, three possible ways of achieving the desired effect have come to my mind:

a) Use meshes but render only vertices.
b) Use a particle system with fixed position for every particle (based on a mesh?)
c) Use “classical” meshes (with edges/faces) and achieve this effect by using shaders.

I would like to know if it is possible to implement this kind of visual style in UE in a sane and (hopefully) simple way without using any weird/unstable workarounds.

This is going to be my first project in UE and I guess there will be a lot to learn before I can really start. So it’s important for me to know, if it makes any sense at all to use UE for this purpose. I would really appreciate your help!

You can use Skeletal mesh polygons as particle emitters. Sadly this does not work for Static meshes. Also there is no way to normalize particle amount based on triangle area. So you need to use meshes with uniform triangle density.

Is there maybe a way to just read my XYZ/RGB data from an external CSV file and spawn colored particles at the given position?

One approach for doing it this way is discussed in this thread, but it’s rather some kind of workaround (even though a very interesting one) with certain limitations. Is it possible to access and manipulate the position/color of every single particle in a system if I use CPU particles instead of GPU ones (like in the aforementioned thread)?

I’ve been trying to do this in Unity and it only took me about 20 lines of code to read the XYZ/RGB data, populate an array of particles and emit them all at once. I’m not intending to start another Unity vs. Unreal discussion, I just think that if it’s possible to do it in Unity, then it will probably also work in Unreal somehow. And as I wrote before, it would be great if I could use Unreal Engine for my project…

In webgl this is quite simple to do, not sure if this is feasible with UE4 unless you change the source code.


I would like to know if you have found a way to show pointcloud effect…actually I have exactly the same question now, and I realy don’t find how to do that.

Thanks if you could help me a bit about this !

i know that post process material could make a frame scene with staticmesh,maybe vertice too