Render Farms

Hi, does anyone know any render farm companies or individuals who provide that service for unreal engine? I cant find any that do they seem to mostly only deal with 3ds max and those types of applications. Also i7 or i9 CPU’s instead of Xeons I find those much better especially for swarm.

the “I” range of cpus are essentially the same as xeons, except you can only have one per machine, xeons can have up to 8 cpus per machine. the benefits for the xeon config is 1.smaller servers 2.faster data transfers between cpus 3.less heat/power used
any company that allows you to install your own software on a remote server could be used for lightmass calculations, so you could just rent 20 or so, set them all up with lightmass, configure network ports if they allow it (they should) or use something like neorouter to create a virtual network, and then bake away.

now. just because it IS possible, does not make it a good idea. transfering all that data back and forth can take a very long time, and while the data is waiting to transfer, your “farm” is doing nothing.
to illustrate a bit, i have a server in New York City, it has a connection speed of 1Gbits/s down and 400Mbits/s up while my home connection has 100Mbits/s down and 40Mbits/s up. its 10x slower. and thats just with one server if i had 10? 20? my home pc could never communicate with the servers fast enough to do anything meaningful with them, by the time my pc got around to say uploading work to pc number 14 numbers 1-5 would be trying to upload data back to me and until that was done wouldn’t be able to get more data to work on.

and if your thinking you could build a mega server and have a single image on it that you could run ue4 on remotely, you can’t, ue4 is not designed to run like that and all these servers don’t have video cards in them