Render decal as solid?

I’ve found a picture of a bullet hole, made an alphamap for it and set Material Domain to “Deferred Decal” and Decal Blend Mode to “DBuffer Translucent Color”, as seen on the picture below.

I haven’t changed anthing else on the material.

I’ve dumped a Decal in my scene. But as shown below, the center of the bullethole is transparent. I want this to be solid.

I’ve been inside the Project settings and set the 3 settings as shown below and restarted and all… Still with no luck. What am i missing?

Oh and i’ve also tried to place a Point light without any difference and tried even to uncheck “Allow Static Lighting” in Project settings.

The center isn’t transparent. It is black because the center is black in the texture you are using for diffuse. You need to fix it in your diffuse texture if you want it to have another color.

I just want the center to be black… Thats the issue. As it is now, it is semi transparent even with a white color in the center for the alpha channel

Oh, i see. Plug only the red channel of your opacity texture to opacity an see if it helps.

All i can think of is that your opacity texture isn’t completely white. Try multiplying it by 2 and see if it fixes the center. If it does then you’ll have to edit the texture and make sure the center is pure white.

Already tried that, and it makes no difference :frowning: I just tried it again even in 4.10 and still same issue. Really has no one faced this issue and fixed it?!?

Still no luck. Does no one know how to work around this?

Can you upload your textures for us to see what may be wrong?

Jup, here it text

It should work if u dump it in the root of the ContentFolder. Otherwise just wire up the texture and the alpha.

Everything worked just fine for me.

I noticed something though; are you sure what you are seeing is not roughness difference of those tiles? Set Decal Blend Mode to Translucent, Color, Roughness and then plug a Constant1 to the roughness, value 1. If that still isnt the problem could you try this in a new project and see if it’s still transparent in the middle please?

Oh pooh, it helped a bit, but look now…


And here’s the material in unreal

Btw, haven’t told you how much i appreciate you taking the time to look into this for me Jacky. Thanks a bunch really!

No problem! This time it looks like the normals of the default material of the floor is showing up, though i’m not sure why. Set the decal blend mode to Translucent, Color, Roughness, Normal and plug a vector 3 blue color to Normal input and see how it goes.

Btw, you dont need to multiply the opacity map. Just plug the texture’s red channel to opacity and it’ll be fine.

Alright, that actually seemed to fix it. Im posting the material as it is now along with screenshot of it.

Thanks a bunch for the assistance Jacky. If you see any obvious improvements let me know.

Next project is to look into how to animate this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Also if you have good suggestions to how to approach this too, feel free to pitch in, otherwise i’ll just start by looking into how to actually animate textures in general. I’ll post more when i have something.

Oh and here’s the mats + screenshots.

Cool, glad that it is solved. You can actually make a normal map for that texture and use that instead of blue, but that is something you need to do in photoshop or some other normal map generator. As to animation, you dont need to animate this really. It is for bullet impact so you’ll just spawn it wherever the bullet hits and that sudden spawn wont be noticable as you cant notice it in real life with naked eyes either. Some dust particles would with bullet impact would be nice though.

Hi Jacky and thanks again for helping out with this,

Here’s my current results so far. It’s wip, but it looks ok i think: UE4 - Solid Decals for bulletholes - YouTube

Looks good! Something else you can add is to set a random rotation(on X axis i think) when you spawn the decal so that they dont line up identically every time.