Render Custom Depth on Particle System (Post Process)


I’m trying to create an “eagle vision” like in Assasin’s Creed : everything except particle systems are desaturated.
I’m using a Post process with a blendable Material. In blueprint I connected the particle system to “set render custom depth”. I set the material as follow :

But the particle system doesn’t seems to work with “render custom depth”.
How can I desaturate everything except the particule system ?
Can you help me ?


As you can see the post process works with the mesh but not with the particles

normal vision :


particle system custom depth vision

mesh custom depth vision

I found an other way to show the particles in color :
I set my desaturating blendable material (in the post process) “Blendable location” to “Before Translucency”.

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Thank you so much for posting this! I would have spent a while trying to figure this out, thank you!

when i use your solution, all the object with the Translucency material show in scene, how can i show what i want?