Render bones over character in-game?

Any suggestions as to the most efficient way to render a simple X-Ray display of character bones at run-time?


  1. Embed actual 3D objects and make the character skin transparent (sounds expensive, given the cost of transparency calculations)
  2. Create a custom draw call and composite them over the final scene render (never done this in Unreal, don’t know if it’s even possible). This is for Oculus VR, so could potentially do that in the Oculus compositor if Unreal gives me that liberty (again, never tried before).
  3. Use world projection somehow.
  4. Use ShowDebug Bones. This wouldn’t allow me to draw custom bone shapes, and I need the user to be able to turn them on and off interactively.

If I were doing this in OpenGL I’d simply do a final composite after the main draw call. I’m too new to Unreal to know if there’s a similar mechansim…?