Render after dof problem

I can’t disable Render after DOF option. Does anyone know how ti fix this?

Are you using a translucent blend mode, like Translucent, Additive, or Modulate? The flag ‘Render after DOF’ can only be toggled if you’re using translucency. Materials using the Opaque or Masked blend modes are already rendered before DOF.

I still can’t figure out how to fix this - transparent particles around hair,
(It wont let me post images here, so here is link)

It doesn’t look like a DOF problem. It looks like a light reflection problem. What shading model and blend mode is it using? Why is it not occurring over the entire area of the edge of the hair?

I tried all blend modes with “Character Creator” shader and its still not working. It gets better when I lower down aperture and bokah effect but its still there. Now I switched on shader from some free content model, but that is not the problem eather.

I suspected it was mixing with the blur of the DOF. Try using a post process volume or material to isolate and reduce the unwanted effect. With a material, I think it would simply be placing a plane between the background and the character at the right distance to cover only the area getting the problem, and applying the post process material to the plane.