Render a static pointcloud as an actor in Unreal Engine 4

I have a list of points that I would like to render in UE4. I do not need any animation or particle effects, just a passthrough render of the points. I want to place it where I want as an actor and I want lighting and shadow, if possible, to also have an effect.

To give an example of how I would do it in OpenGL; I would simply ask it to set the render mode to points and then load the data to the VBO and render as is. This would do everything I want it to do.

The goal of this is to import a point cloud ingame and allow the users to walk through the pointcloud. I want it to work like a hologram, but without animation or any surfaces. Just the points in whatever colour I decide.

I can not fathom that this would not be possible, either from C++ or from the Editor. Can i build an actor with the pointcloud as the 3D model to be rendered and then place it and use it like any other actor?

try this plugin, you can use collision on point cloud as well