render a scene on 140fps on 2560x1440, show issue.

Is that the resolution you are using right now or are you increasing it to render? Also is the editor installed on an SSD or HDD and how long is it taking to render a single frame? It shouldnt take so much time to render with that GPU if you are using an SSD really.

HDD is the reason then as HDD’s writing speed is slower than SSD’s. Matinee recording doesnt include sound(it may do in the future as it has been requested as a feature before) so you’ll have to record the sound separately.

hi there

I am trying to render a 50 seconds finished scene. I have tried 30fps, 60fps, 140fps on 2560x1440 res.
They are all very slow render. I was wondering if its normal, or its just my pc issue.
48g memory
2 gtx980
6g cpu.
Are there any other ways to improve the speed?
I am new in UE4.

right, I have no SSD, and I am currently using 5120 x 1440 actually.

and also it was no sound after rendering. Do you know why?

OK thanks Jacky