Render a ray of Telekinesis (type of ability)

Okay so I am a begginer in UE, and currently I am learning from the ground up using some udemy courses.
I would like to say right away, that I am not looking into the solution at the moment here in the forums, just some guidance here.

This is something I want to do on my own, it’s not on the udemy course, but would like to learn it and improve my skills while doing it.

Basically I have a Physics Handle component attached to my Default Pawn which enables me to grab other Physics Body, this is straightforward and really easy to do it.

Now I would like to add some visual effect while grabbing the object.

Something along these lines, like a cone of light emitted from the character hands:

Or maybe another variation rendering frame by frame a line to the object (but not a static line like the one from DrawDebugLine)

So what area of UE should I learn to be able to implement this on my own?
Is this VFX or particles or what?

I just know about programming and read the library documentation, so even though this question might be kind obvious to you, it’s not to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for helping me out on starting this journey at UE :smiley:

Particle systems :slight_smile:

Thanks ClockworkOcean !
I am already studying it!