Render a Particle System PROBLEM

I created a Particle System to make a portal effect which I then placed on a sphere, I also placed a small character with an animation next to it. I then render all of this with a sequencer, I modified the parameters in animation to be sure that each object has time to appear for rendering.

The problem is that when it renders, it stops on each frame to render it, but the portal does not stop, which means that the rotation of the portal is not rendered correctly.

How can I settle this?

I have attached a video, ignore the green text, I will explain it to you here. You can make it loop with a right clic - loop,…
At the top left, this is my view port, the portal is constantly running even if I am not simulating the scene.
At the bottom left, this is the rendering window, we see that the character does not move due to the parameter that I put in animation which adds 3sec of delay between each frame, and the portal is constantly rotating.
Bottom right is my final results, the portal is running “fast” because it was not rendered frames after frames.