Render a 2D game to a material in 3D game

Hey everyone,

Is there a way to render a second game camera, which is capturing a 2D character somewhere else, while the main player is is watching that camera from a monitor through some main camera?

I have attempted to simply place the 2D stuff somewhere that the main player cannot reach in the game world, but I can’t figure out how to capture the 2D character and render it to an object that is essentially a TV screen. I have looked into Scene Capture 2D components, but for some reason in my most recent iteration that SceneCapture2D component - when attached to the 2D character - doesn’t want to capture anything at the correct angle; in fact, the SceneCapture2D component in the blueprint won’t show up properly in the viewport (it is just the white sphere that I can move around, not the camera visualization like usual).

Any idea on what to try next?