Render 360 stereoscopic movies directly from UE4 ?

Hi Guys,

I have read this article and would like to achieve the exact same thing :

Use UE4 to render a 360 stereoscopic movie that can be watch on Gear VR or Cardboard.

The article offer a hack and test method to solve the pb.
It enumerates 10 problems and gotchas that make the process complex and not 100% reliable.
I would like to know if 6 month after this article is still relevant ?

Or if Epic has include a default tool in the last builds to do that in a more simple and less geeky way, and that adress the problems describe in the article ?

Thanks for your lights !

I have problem with capturing SP screenshot. When i try to stup output folder and capture screenshot it doeasn capture anything.

This look like the place to be for 360 render on UE4 …