Renaming duplicated assets in World Outliner

When I’m designing a level I often “ALT+Drag” to duplicate an asset and then switch a mesh.

While doing this, the asset keeps it’s original name in the World Outliner so it would often happen that mesh name is Wall, but the actual mesh in the viewport is a Rock.

Here is the screenshot showing World outliner.

So for example 5 “Skeleton_Slave_Shackels” are shown in the World Outliner, but only 1 of them is actually “Skeleton_Slave_Shackels”, while others are Rock meshes which kept the “Skeleton_Slave_Shackels” name.

Is there any workaround for this? Can I do something to force or update the names in the world outliner to match the names of the mesh?

Bumping this thread, maybe someone knows of a good blueprint logic for this?