Removing unnecessary edges in Blender


So basically I somehow want to remove these edges, so my texture would look more smooth in UE4.

There must be a way to remove the 1. edges. About the 2. edges I’m not 100% sure cause I think they’re needed for the windows, but still.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi again lol. Yes there is a way to delete edges. Just select the edges you want to remove and hit X-> Edge Loops

I think with your model, the ones in 1 you could remove one of the edge loop lines, and the other you would need because of your windows. Then you could probably move the vertices in 2 to the corners and either W-> Merge your vertices to the vertice in the corner, or you could also grab and slide and then remove doubles (double G and then slide to the corners, then W-> remove doubles)

Here is a very good video of someone making a building in blender:
at around 7:15 he does the double G and then slide remove doubles thing lol. He uses lots of different techniques to remove extra vertices so you should try to watch it.


Ideally you would fix the NGon’s that shape you have highlighted has a lot of disconnected verts. You could add cuts at an angle (which is the best way) or as I drew above, extend edge loops.

If you grab some of the verts near those windows and move them out from the wall you will see the mesh will disconnect, this will contribute to your seams in the textures.

Thanks for your replies:) I needed to fix this cause of bad looking textures, but now I figured out how I can make my textures look good even with this unnecessary edges:) But I am thankful for your advices :slight_smile: