Removing texture from Landscape Component

Hi there,

is there a way to remove a texture I once painted on a landscape component? I mean a complete removal of this texture on a certain component section.
I used this texture earlier to draw some outlines on the terrain, but now it is blocking a slot for a texture to use on this landscape component.

Deleting the Landscape Layerinfo is no option since the texture is used at some other locations…deleting this layer and repainting the texture would be something like a “last hope” if nothing else is possible to free a component from an unwanted texture.#

Is there any update on switching the landscape texturing system from SM3 to SM5 to support more than 5 textures on a component? I guess I saw it once on the roadmap last year.

Thanks in advance for any help

Deleting and reconstruction of the layerinfo did the job…even if it was for the price of repainting some stuff again, the result was as expected.

It just would be nice to have a cleaner way for doing this instead of deleting a whole Layerinfo Asset :wink: