Removing Parallax?

Hi there,

How do you remove parallax error (unwanted camera translation) in an fps game?

I’ve got a series of triggers in my game that the player needs to find as goals using the background image (HDRI on the skysphere) to navigate, although they are shown where they are in a short video sequence, they are asked to find them from another angle of play to give the player a bit of a challenge.

Although when the player starts the game from a different angle it looks like the trigger positions have shifted slightly and the player finds it difficult to find the triggers even though they’re in the exact same spot?

The skysphere scale I’ve set to 100,000, the bound scale for the mesh i’ve set to 1000,000.

I’ve also tried adding the camera position node to world offset position in the material, makes no difference.

Does anyone know how to do this or a decent workaround?