Removing Graininess from Subsurface Profile Material?

Is anyone familiar working with Subsurface Profile materials in a ray traced project? I’d like to use this material as its giving me the best results for a wax candle, aside from the grain which I’m trying to figure out how to solve. I’m not sure if it has this same behavior in non ray traced projects.

My project SS settings are as follows: (I’ve adjusted most of these settings and found myself unable to remove the grain with any of them)
r.SSS.scale 1
r.SSS.HalfRes 0
r.SSS.Burley.Quality 1
r.SSS.Checkerboard 0

I’ve also checked Transmission on my movable lights so that they cast through subsurface scattering profiles.

Hi! Try using console command “r.SSS.Burley.NumSamplesOverride 200”
With a 200 samples it should look much better, but performance cost will increase significantly. It worked in my project but I am not sure it will be working with raytracing.