Removing Fog in an Area

Greetings All,

I’m currently working on a game where Fog of War is needed. So far I’ve only found one really solid tutorial by Isvulfe ( [TUTORIAL] Fog Of War - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums ) that actually does what I’m looking for. I’m currently looking to attempt a different approach to solving the ever present question while actually using the Fog Effect to do it.

Is there a way to attach to the player a volume that removes the fog effect, or any visual effect, within its radius? This is important because the game is top down and I haven’t seen a setting inside of the fog parameters that can be keyed in such that the fog will be dissipated in a circle around the player character. Changing the distance at which the camera detects fog is more likely to remove the fog from the entirety of the screen which defeats the purpose of the fog of war effect.