Removing A Player From SplitScreen

My game that I have created uses local multiplayer by creating 4 different player controllers. 4 controllers/players are created once in the character selection screen, and again in the game mode (the reason for the duplicate creation of players is because of a level transfer). I also have the game set up to switch between 2-4 players.

This is the issue: when the game creates additional players, I cannot remove them if I want less players. For instance, if a game starts with 4 players and later 2 players leave the game, Unreal will still create the extra 2 players. Alternatively, if they start with 2 players, 2 players will spawn.

One other thing to note: if the players select 4 players, but go back right away and change to a lower number of players, the game will still create 4 players.

I have tried to use the remove player node in blueprints, but it hasn’t done anything to help. Is there another way around this issue in blueprints, or is this exclusive to C++?

This is what we referenced: How do I remove a second splitscreen player? - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

If you scroll down, I think it has the latest info.

Thank you!!! This was perfect!!!