Remove splash screen?

Hey guys. A while back, I figured out how to replace the default UE4 game splash screen when you start up your game. Instead of replacing it, how can I remove it altogether? I know it can be done, as I’ve seen (and played) several other UE4 games that have no splash screen. Also, how can I have some sort of start up video in my game, before the title screen? Thanks!

I also would like to know the same thing. As far as I have seen with packaged games, if the first level that loads has fewer resources, the splash screen doesn’t appear. To create a start up video, make a new level and set it to the first level in your game. You can then have the video play and load your title screen level after its done. You can also make it skippable by making the level load faster when a Key/button is pressed. I’m not sure how though as I tried a few tutorials on YouTube and the documentation, but they didn’t work as most of them show playing videos on a plane in a 3D level.