Remove/Renaming a Class Doesn't Change Editor Display

Not that it matters too much, but it’s bugging me how classes I’ve removed continue to display in the editor.
Here’s the steps I’ve taken:
1.) close editor and visual studio
2.) delete MyProjectGameMode.cpp/h
3.) right click MyProject.uproject and click “generate visual studio project files”
4.) reopen project
5.) file->refresh visual studio

When I reopen my project and visual studio, the class still shows in the editor under C++ classes.

You need to actually build the project again after you’ve removed the class in order for for the DLL that the editor loads to be updated.

You’d do this after your step 3. Also your step 5 is doing the same thing as your step 3 (generating project files), just through a different UI.

I had figured they were the same, but I did both just to be sure there wasn’t some subtle difference between them. Rebuilding the project from Visual Studio seems to have worked. Thanks!