Remove Light Glare?

Hi, this might seem like a really stupid question that’s probably been answered a thousand times but is there a way to remove the light source but keep the results. For example, in the image below, I have a spotlight in my scene that is lighting thing very nicely but I have this light glare in the sky that I cant get rid of. Any help, advice or work around is very welcome.

You wouldn’t be able to remove parts of a lights volumetric effect if that’s what’s going on there.

Just lower the fog level or use the direct lighting to get that effect, anyway the setup its not the best. To get that soft light effects the best its to change the inverse square fallof to a custom one very low and lower the intensity of the light. This way you get a very soft “area kind” volumetric light

So there’s really no way of keeping the effects of the light without removing where the light is emitting from? i.e The circled glow in the image above.

Thanks, I kinda got it :slight_smile: I just need to play around with the lighting a little more I think. I got rid of the glare by reducing the Volumetric Scattering to 0, but I did loss that nice foggy effect I had going through the trees.