Remove All ARPins from Local Store Not Working

Hey guys,

I’m working on spatial anchors within my HoloLens 2 AR app. Creating these spatial anchors is accomplished by using ARPins like in the tutorial (ARPin Local Storage Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation). Unfortunately, the Remove all ARPins from Local Store node does nothing. I can only remove one ARPin at the time by name with the Remove ARPin from Local Store node.

Furthermore, when I add ARPins after using the remove node within the same session, the new ARPins are not saved to the local storage. This means that I need to restart the app everytime I have deleted an ARPin.

Is there anyone who has experience with using the ARPins and recognize these problems? Or do you use ARPins without any problems? Please let me know!

Create and save an ARPin:

Load Anchors from Local Store:

Remove ARPin (using a tag to only remove and destroy the selected ARPin):