Remote development

Hi there,

A bit weird question I know, but I’m curious if there’s a way to develop remotely. And I mean this in terms of:
[ Machine that has an acceptable GPU ] ----> connected with —> [ Azure (or Amazon) cloud development client ]

And this perhaps with multiple Azure clients (allowing for a team to develop on 1 render server)

Atm I’m asking this for myself. I am an employee with a company that works in projects… so I’m up and about all the time hopping from customer to customer/hotel to hotel (not related to gaming)… so it would be nice that I can hook up my Azure client with the UDK and work on my projects while I don’t have to be physically behind the gaming computer all the time.

Why the multiple Azure clients… well I have friends I want to show stuff to and perhaps have them edit some code.

Sure I have a git running (also in Azure) and they can download the code… but well yeh say I want to ask a colleague, he’d have the same issue.

Hmm thanks… tho well as example my current project. I work on their system they installed. So a VM of any kind would be nice to work on. Azure preferably 'cause I have free access to it from my direct employer (ok ok, Premium license, so 130 Eur per month)

The cloud thing (tho I didn’t read yet, I just opened your post and reading it now) I assume is using that Grid thing from Nvidia… I know AWS was included in their dev street.

haha speaking of which… 3 days ago was the announcement for azure to support nvidia grid :stuck_out_tongue: ah ok so I guess that part is covered “soon”,1-2918.html

N-Series CPU apparently checks his azure portal

Firstly, you can run UE4 on a laptop, and not even a particularly powerful one. It probably won’t be a great experience and for complex projects it might be completely impractical, but might make a good “on the move” solution.

As for running in the cloud, I saw this article a while ago which shows that yes, it is possible! They use AWS rather than Azure, and once your free tier is up (or you forget to power down the instance) it might get pretty expensive, but it clearly is possible.

I know AWS have instances of EC2 which are geared more towards GPU performance. I’m not sure if Azure offer the same thing though.

bah… not available yet… I want it now I want it now I want it now!