Remind me what is the name of the [Function button] that [after clicking,] runs in the Editor like a Construct event?

Im looking for the name of/how to setup a Button in the Editor (in an ActorBP > details window) > that when clicked, it performs a Function/Event that [sets up variables] similar to the live (instant) Construction script. Please remind me, ty.

  • Someone replied to my posts and showed how for UE4x, but I forgot the name of it, cant find my/their post.

  • It is not Blutilities nor EditorUtilityBlueprint (those require a plugin activation, and require you to click a button or menu while in the map view, not Editor view).

  • Goal: I want [an automation button] for a User to click while in the Details panel of CharBP - to Set an array of variables (and Im trying to investigate if this is possible with the [Function button that was shown to me before]):

    • I need smart code that processes a wildcard amount (#X) of SK mesh components (meaning CharBP 1 might have 5 child meshes, while CharBP 2 might have 10).
    • And I need a way to pair each SK mesh (component variable) with [an automatically created] Struct Array variable or Index - where #Y is the number of Indexes as determined by category matches in a DT.
    • Meaning For each SK mesh that User adds in their CharBP, I need to a way [for the Engine] to > read a DT > gather data for #Y totals of matching categories > create a Struct variable Array, or add [#Y total] Indexes to a Premade Struct variable Array. Is that possible?
  • Purpose: I need a way to help other Users setup modular meshes + a paired [settings variable that has Mats and location for the mesh - which are loaded from a DataTable]. Thus if they add 50 meshes, I dont want them to have to manually add 50 Struct variables to the CharBP, then add [different amount of Y Indexes] = too tedious to setup for each Character variant.

      • {And I was investigating if I could put all variables in an Actor Component, but SK meshes are exotic and I dont have access to Skinned mesh nodes in Actor Components. Thus I need a way for the User to only have to add an SK mesh comp, and have the Struct Variable auto created in the CharBP and paired.}
      • Thus I thought of using a name code for each SK mesh, using Enum categories (Gloves, Arms, legs, boots).
      • Name [of Mesh] runs through a Construct type Function/button > finds if that Name exists as a DT Row handle > break DT row > check if that Row Name also has the matching Enum category of the Mesh’s name >
      • If yes, then I want to Set a Struct variable Array to now have as many Indexes (#Y) that exist in the DT, with those matching Enum categories.
      • [Meaning my DT has 3 entries of Gloves, 5 of Arms, 20 of legs… I dont want the User to have to manually add # indexes in an Array variable - because I may have 20, while their Character type/Custom DT might have 30. And instead want a [Construct script/Editor function] to read the DT rows and add [the wildcard #Y of] Array Indexes for the User, that match the specific category.]
      • And I want to associate (Map) that SK mesh (name) to the new Struct variable Array (which then gets passed to a Construct function to setup the live display of their CharacterBP - so it has to be before Runtime and not in Level settings). :slight_smile:
      • I made the code that does this on Construct - except the part that Creates a variable or adds the #Y of matching Indexes - for the User, for Each SK mesh that they add to their Character. And I forgot my C++ centuries ago, so I can’t use that, prefer BP only.

I only read the first line, but do you mean this?


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Yes, thank you. I think that is what I was thinking of - but [needed condition]: am I able to click it in the Editor > Actor details panel?
(I need an initialization Event/button - that does not run every time as Construct does.)
If not, do you know any other User initialization button/trigger? Ty :slight_smile:

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The second pic is my showing the button in the details panel :slight_smile:

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But I also see the World panel. Clarification: I mean that the button trigger works in the Editor Window of an Actor BP (edit BP graph) > that Details panel. Possible?

That’s what I’m saying

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I mean how to make the [trigger] work in the Actor Editor (graph window), and not the Map Editor (world view/window):

Possible? (Like how Widgets have Construct, PreConstruct, and Initialized Events. I need 2 of those.)

Technically, you can get collision working in the editor, by making tick work in the editor, but it’s not ideal.

You can’t get collision working in the blueprint editor standalone, because there’s nothing to collide with :slight_smile:

Clarification: I dont need collision in Editor. I only seek a way to run a Trigger Event/Script in Editor (in Actor BP, not world) > so the User can setup a specific variable (with my script). And then, use the Construct script to [use that variable].

  • I think I tried Seq or chains in Construct, but ran into limitations or crashes. Thus why I seek #1 as pre-setup.

So I need 2 initialization triggers:

  1. Manual click in Editor in BP (to run once or only when User updates their chosen variable > Mesh type > find it in DT > then setup an array of matching DT row categories).
  2. And Construct script (which auto runs every time there is a change in CharBP, thus I cant use it for purpose 1 - because I need to pre-construct [the array] before Construct is ready to work.

So is #1 possible? A click button for an instant/live BP effect in Editor (in Actor BP, not World)? Ty :slight_smile:

  • Basically I need a way for the Editor to create variables without the User having to add (create) variables to their customized Char BP, 1 by 1, because it is too tedious.
  • Thus I want to make the script that gets matching items into an array, based on the User’s SINGLE choice of an item.
  • But since the Editor cannot create variables and save to BPs? - then I want an initialization trigger instead, to add [array indexes] to my premade array holder variable (with 0 indexes until the User runs the trigger).
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Right… you want it in the graph view.

Don’t think it’s possible, not without recompiling the editor.

You might be able to do something with a utility widget…

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Thanks for the confirm (that you’re not aware of the possibility).
Utility widget only edits in World view correct? (Doesnt edit in BP Editor > default Actor variables?)

  • I remembered why I cant I cant use “Construct” to setup my Array var (why I need a 2nd type of pre-Construct or code button trigger in BP Editor, to use before real Construct) > because Construct (and Blutilities, etc) will not show the update to an [Array] variable in the BP editor > Actor’s Details panel.

So here is a clarified question on that issue - if you know a solution. Ty :slight_smile:

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